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Chocolate Cake 8.50

grandma betty’s recipe. cocoa cream frosting. she didn’t use callebaut chocolate sauce, we do!

whole cakes available to take home! 24 hour notice please, but not always necessary! // 39

Banana Cream Pie 8.50

made to order, fresh custard, toasted walnut-almond crust, whipped cream, kahlua chocolate and caramel sauces, caramelized banana

Key Lime Pie 8.50

nellie and joe’s real key lime juice, walnut-almond crust, whipped cream

Bread Pudding 8

Praline sauce, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream

Oreo Cookie-Salted Caramel Sundae 8.50

crushed cookies, real vanilla bean ice cream, yes, we make the caramel and the chocolate sauces